19th Century Portrait of a Tuscan Gentleman


Plucked from obscurity in the Tuscan market town of Lucca (Italy), this 19th Century Gent’s unique character was clearly in tact, however his paint was flaking off at every touch.

Our wonderful restorer Jenny of Dawson Restorations has done an expert job of retaining his original patina and rustic charm, whilst stabilizing the paint so this portrait may be hung without further loss for many years to come.

Our Italian gent has a knowing gaze, almost a smirk..that follows you everywhere. And that fabulous moustache!

Oil on canvas, with original studding to the stretcher.

Measures: 50cm high, 40cm wide.

Great condition, professionally stabilized whilst still retaining its aged craquelure and patina.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 55 × 5 × 45 cm

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