The Fairy Steps, English 19thc


English 19th Century Landscape of a legendary Victorian era tourist site, The Fairy Steps. The limestone steps are situated near Beetham just beneath the Lake District.

Victorian era tourists flocked to the steps, lured by the old legend that if you could descend the steps without touching the rocks on either side, the local fairies would grant your wish.

However, the stairs were originally cut through the limestone cliff in order to haul coffins from Arnside to the churches of St Michael and All Angels Parish in Beetham. In 1866 a church was bulit in Arnside and the coffin hauling ceased, however the fairy legend lived on.

Oil on academic board, original gilt wood & gesso frame with beautifully aged worn patina.

Professionally cleaned & ready to hang.

Measures including frame: 56cm high, 40.5cm wide.

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 60 × 5 × 45 cm

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