Ghost Gums – Hermannsburg School, Claude Pannka (1928-1972)


Claude Pannka (1928-1972) a first generation Aboriginal artist of the Central Australian Landscape, Hermannsburg School.

This tradition of watercolour landscape painting in the western style, was started by his Father in law, the artist Albert Namatjira (1902-1959), when the European artist Rex Battarbee visited Hermannsburg in 1934.

Claude Pannka was the eldest of three artist brothers, Nelson Pannka (1935-1971) and Ivan Pannka (1943-1999) who all learnt to draw at a young age at their local mission school.

Claude was painting full time by 1950 and married Rosina, the daughter of Albert Namatjira. Together they had a daughter, Gloria Pannka (1949-2020) who was taught to paint by her Father Claude from the age of 12 years. She went on to become a much loved and celebrated artist herself, carrying on the Hermannsburg watercolour school of landscape painting.

The interconnectedness of the Hermannsburg artists and their continued tradition, is testament to the Aboriginal culture of intertwined extended family relations and community, forever connected to one another through the land upon which they live.

Hermannsburg School artworks are held in major galleries around Australia.

Watercolour behind glass in a tapered wooden frame, signed lower left Claude Pannka.

Measures including frame: 14.5cm high, 20.5cm wide.

Great condition & ready to hang.

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Dimensions 15 × 5 × 20 cm

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